Interview with Dr. Bill Tenney-Brittain

Interview with Dr. Bill Tenny-Brittian

In this episode we discuss kind of an odd but pertinent topic, “Revitalizing Church: Why You Don’t Need Chairs in the Pastor’s Office.”  We discuss the reality that the pastor who stays in his office and never gets into the community with his people will never revitalize the church.  It is impossible to change the direction of a church from behind a desk. This idea is a challenge to most pastors because of the need for study time, counseling, etc. We discuss the reality of the Great Commission and the need for the pastor to be practicing evangelism as he models a witnessing life. Staying in the office all the time breeds a culture of “ministry must come to me” rather than “I go to the people.” Every hour spent sitting behind a desk is an hour not spent descipling or evangelizing.

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