Hoarding in Church Life with Dr. David Jackson

There is a TV show titled “Hoarding: Buried Alive” that depicts individuals that collect or “hoard” up all kinds of things. They collect without the ability to discard. There are some churches that are “hoarders” as well. They don’t have closets full of “stuff” but they “hoard” things that have long sense ceased to be effective. Things such as tradition, past successes, outdated programs and ineffective ministries. When a church “hoards” these and many other things, the end result will be plateau, decline and even the possibility of death. This episode discusses the problem of “hoarding” in the church and how to break the cycle. …with Dr. Steve Sells Host discussing “Hoarding in Church Life.”

David is North American Mission Board and the Baptist Convention of New England’s Church Planting Director and Strategist.

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