Revitalize and Restart

  • Interview with Rod Harrison

    Title: “Injured Relationships and their Impact on Church Vitality.” Join Dr. Rodney Harrison, Professor of Christian Education at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, with host Dr. Steve Sells, and President of […]

  • Interview with Dr. Lavern (Bud) Brown

    Title: “The Kind of Leader it takes to navigate the Church thru Difficult Times.” Join Dr. Lavern (Bud) Brown, one of the founders of the ministry “Turnaround Pastors,” with host […]

  • Interview with Terry Rials

    Title: “Leading Church Revitalization from an Associational Level” Join Dr. Terry Rials, Director of Missions, Western Oklahoma Baptist Association, with host Steve Sells, president of Operation Transformation. We discuss the […]

  • Interview with Steve Smith

    Title: “Dealing with Unfinished Business in a Congregation” Join Dr. Steve Smith, Church Equippers Ministry, with host Steve Sells, president of Operation Transformation. Unresolved conflict can have a real negative […]

  • Interview with George Thomasson

    Author and Pastor of New Campus Development for Christ Place Church, Flowery Branch, Georgia…with Dr. Steve Sells, host discussing: “Keys to Bringing New Life to a Dying Congregation.” We discuss […]

  • Interview with Kenneth Priest

    “Crucial Steps to Church Revitalization.” We have an in depth discussion about the 3 basic but powerful steps to Church Revitalization: 1) Return to the Lord, 2) Listen to God […]

  • Leading Under The Influence Pt. 4

    In this episode we examine the Work of the Spirit led leader. The preparation for that work. The personal life of the leader and the basis for a calling to […]

  • Leading Under The Influence Pt. 3

    In this episode we discuss the character of a spirit led leader by looking at some Biblical characters and how they led under the Spirits influence. We will see How […]

  • Leading Under The Influence Pt. 2

    This episodes identifies and discusses various styles of leadership and compare them to a clear Biblical transformational leadership style. Steve is author, Conference Speaker and President of Operation Transformation teaching.

  • Leading Under The Influence Pt. 1

    This episode defines and discusses the character and heart of a transformational leader. We will do a close examination of the Biblical foundation for transformational leadership. Steve is author, Conference […]